[Intentando mantenerme en forma (se aceptan correcciones/ corrections are welcome)].


Friend, you might be wondering how it was like, to be dealt with by a savage. Well, I don’t know; I didn’t ask him. There, the savage was me; I was the wild one and my customs were those of a barbarian; I was far more captive by western moral than any of those men and women who were forced to become slaves, because even deprived of their freedom they were always honest to their human condition.

Freedom: a meaning I thought I understood until I came here; I never felt more in peace with myself and what was around me in my whole life. He and his people didn’t just heal physical wounds and dehydration. They brought me back to life. I thought so far a mother and a father were the only two people in the world who could give life. I was wrong: it is possible to give life without giving birth, the same way it is possible to be killed and keep breathing.


In my first days here, I felt resentment of society, and I blamed it for deceiving me with its sense of welfare. Now, –I don’t know if luckily or unfortunately– I’ve started to forget what resentment was.

I don’t remember when it happened: when I was conquered and spoilt by progress; I myself became a machine. I guess it was the day I was born.  I was raised with a purpose: to be someone someday, which meant to make money, to have descendants and raise them with a purpose, too.  I was taught to believe in a truth I soon realized it was a lie; to live a life I later recognised as Death itself.

I have always considered myself tolerant and respectful to others, something that, I think, helped me to feel all right among these people. However, I have found now a part of me I never thought I had. I have learnt to be cruel and delicate; I have touched purity and –oh, god!– it is crude and beautiful. It is perfect, like innocence of a child just thrown into the world. In this place, the biggest matters of existence (life, death, love, faith…) are almost physical, and there is no occasion for repressing feelings or guilt complex.



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